5 Ways to Upskill and Reskill for a Post-Covid World

Workplace learning was one of the earliest and hardest-hit industries by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a recent piece by McKinsey. In the post-Covid world, many organizations have set up online learning tools to substitute for those person-to-person interactions.

The pandemic had affected the way people used to gather, everything had gone entirely remote, and many people had to be let go or furloughed as the companies simply put had limited or no need for their skills. With increasing vaccination rates, the markets have started to open back up and the top priority for learning and development pros in 2021 is reskilling and upskilling as employees start to return to work.

While an agile LMS, such as KochaSoft’s can help you quickly deliver training, it’s the technology that instills adaptiveness within the LMS and fuels a learner’s ongoing transformation.

The good news is the case for learning has never been stronger.

LinkedIn found a 159% increase in CEOs championing L&D amid the pandemic and reported that employees were spending 130% more time learning in March and April than two months prior.

L&D leaders are now turning to virtual, cloud-based learning management systems to fill in gaps that occurred after downsizing and budget cuts. And reskilling their co-workers is the foremost ask. They need access to resources that offer quick reskilling and upskilling to get them up to speed.

So, how do you effectively upskill and reskill your workforce?

Adaptive training

Customize reskilling assignments as needed and not because a certain assignment is a part of the course. Compiling tailored learning paths will allow learners to know which skills they need to adapt to the future.

Take advantage of KochaSoft’s LMS features like customizable learning paths to create a space where learners are involved in the overall process. It might not be possible for an organization to offer different learning content to all the employees. But many of them have diverse career goals and prior knowledge and experience, a collaboration of leaders with the learners will be a priority. Include personalized learning goals that address an individual’s professional objectives as well as broader business goals.

Personalization in the learning environment means reacting to the learner’s needs in real-time. This means leveraging the machine learning capabilities of an LMS and effectively using the information gathered to develop content to suit an employee’s personal needs.

Diversify Content Formats

Offering short courses that allow an LMS user to reskill on the go, For instance, KochaSoft’s LMS is operational on a smart device of a user’s choice. By offering resources that are easily accessible learners will quickly reach a point where questions get answered easily.

Most companies today are preparing themselves for a hybrid future, with companies like Linkedin the following suit with allowing employees to work remote permanently will definitely give a push to a remote and hybrid future.

According to MindTools, 64% of learners find accessing their training content from a mobile device essential.

Using an LMS that integrates perfectly with the learner’s device will be the perfect tool for HR professionals to implement throughout their organizational model.

These numbers will only grow in the future, and to cater to it, KochaSoft’s LMS comes ready to be deployed in a device of choice.

Gamify the learning experience

95% of employees enjoy using gaming-inspired elements in their work Gamification in e-learning offers the opportunity for learners to engage with content, if learners get excited about learning, they are more likely to retain information. Learners in gamified learning programs can work towards group goals by cooperating with a competitive team and encouraging sharing of ideas and strategic thought processes.

Gamification in eLearning offers the opportunity for learners to engage with content. The higher the level of engagement, the more knowledge is likely to get retained.

The generic systems do not possess qualities that could make the user hooked to the platform. However, with KochaSoft’s inclusion of gamification principles deep within the product, your employees can track their and other’s progress in real-time. Tracking helps improve productivity as employees strive to complete training to earn their place on leaderboards.

Track Progress

According to Market Research Future (MRFR), the global learning analytics market is set to grow by 26% CAGR by 2023, propelled by the explosion of smartphone usage across the globe.

There is a definite need for organizations, especially the L&D teams, to understand if the workforce is effectively engaging with the training programs or whether any specific skills training is required so as to drive business growth.

Today, data has the same value (if not more than) as most other enterprise assets, while modern LMSs infused with advanced reporting and analytics tools are capable of improving the overall learning culture of the organization as well as drive the ROI.

Gathering actionable feedback and working towards it should be a priority to ensure that your workforce is happy learning and productive.

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