3 easy steps to implement adaptive learning using an LMS

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t fit the needs of modern learners and employees. Adaptive learning, a term which learning leaders have become adept at using and implementing in their organizations, has given rise to a shift towards employee-first learning method

Every employee learns and upskills in different ways. Having different learning outcomes and learning methods is the new normal. Although some of these outcomes result from individual characteristics, levels of intelligence and any known learning difficulties trainers and L&D professionals are responsible for how a module’s taught.

When the concept of adaptive learning first appeared, It was thought that AI programs would tailor courses around the needs of individual students.

An LMS should be leveraged to remove the barriers to learning, from steps as simple as merging the LMS into the organization’s intranet to including aspects of adaptive learning that will help make learning an intuitive experience. Engaging learning content leads to higher productivity, and such workforces tend to deliver 2.6 times the eps (earnings per share) of their unengaged counterparts.

How to implement an adaptive learning strategy in these three steps:

 Introduce flexible learning personalization is the key

Developing an environment where learners can learn their own way will be a priority. Mobile-first content should be developed. Enabling learners to use smart devices to complete training on their schedules will allow them to learn at their own pace. As per MindTools, an organization that engages with workplaces that want to inspire, 64% of learners find accessing their training content from a mobile device essential.

Take advantage of KochaSoft’s LMS features like customizable learning paths to create a space where learners are involved in the overall process. It might not be possible for an organization to offer different learning content to all the employees. But many of them have diverse career goals and prior knowledge and experience, a collaboration of leaders with the learners will be a priority. Include personalized learning goals that address an individual’s professional objectives as well as broader business goals.

 Develop personal rapport with each learner

Personalization in the learning environment means reacting to the learner’s needs in real-time. This means leveraging the machine learning capabilities of an LMS and effectively using the information gathered to develop content to suit an employee’s personal needs. For example, as a user searches for terms and modules, an algorithm learns from what they select to present better results. KochaSoft’s LMS tabulates this data in analytics reports which help identify content gaps.

Deploying tools such as feedback forms and learner surveys right within the learning system will help the system understand the learner on a personal level. A group of consulting companies, including Deloitte, suggests that disengaged employees cost U.S. companies up to $550 billion a year

Use analytics to your advantage

Identifying learning gaps is one of the most popular client asks when hunting for a LMS. But using that information to an organization’s advantage and addressing concerns is what separates a great learning program from a stagnant one. Data visualization will clarify individual learner’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to deliver the content they need. Bringing that content to the forefront will help bridge differences amongst the workforce. You can leverage KochaSoft’s features and import data on job performance and target content focused on improving specific behaviours.

An element of adaptive training is offering different formats at times that work for each learner. That circles back to making decisions that are informed by analyzing the data delivered by LMS.

Implement Adaptive Learning


Delivering adaptive content in multiple formats drives engagement. Training is and always will be an integral part of a business strategy. Adaptive learning and training treat learners as individuals and reduce the chance they will spend valuable training time covering material they already know. 

Implementing adaptive and personalized learning is the need of the hour and learning leaders have been asked to deliver it efficiently and effectively. Let KochaSoft help you and your organization by providing a tool that will help you achieve your goals in the smoothest manner. 

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