SAP on Azure

Customers planning to move their critical SAP environments to Microsoft Azure can rely on the highly resilient infrastructure for system availability and fault tolerance. Data backup is a key aspect to be considered for effective Business continuity and Disaster recovery.

The important considerations for a comprehensive backup solution are:

  1. SAP database backups
  2. Azure VM backups
  3. Backup policy configuration
  4. Storage policies
  5. Backup – Data lifecycle management

Backup Solutions for Azure

There are quite a few backup solutions available for SAP on Azure, the important ones being Azure Backup – the natively available backup option for all Azure infrastructure components, Commvault, Dell EMC Networker Virtual Edition, Veritas and Veeam backup. The suitability of backup solutions however depends on a wide range of criteria like type of SAP environment, Database compatibility, backup policy, pricing, etc.

Commvault for SAP on Azure:

Commvault Virtual Server Agent (VSA) integrates with Azure to seamlessly perform more than simple backup and restore operations for Azure Virtual machines, ensuring a reliable data protection system.

Commvault is available on Microsoft Azure marketplace as a pre-configured virtual infrastructure which could be commissioned and on the go.

Key Takeaways for Customers

Commvault offers a comprehensive data protection option for customers planning to migrate to Azure, some of the key benefits include

  1. SAP Certified Backint integration for HANA
  2. File system backups for Windows and Linux servers
  3. Integration with all major public clouds
  4. One step back1up to Azure Cloud Storage
  5. Restore / System copy for HANA / Azure VM’s
  6. Deduplication database –
    1. Eliminate duplicate blocks of data, optimizing storage space
    2. Optimizes network traffic for data backup operations
  7. Auxiliary backups, DR site enablement
  8. SLA reporting

The benefits and configuration options are not exhaustive and could be customized to better suit customer requirements.  The article is intended to highlight the entry point for Commvault as fully integrated backup solution for SAP on Azure.

Srikrishnan Vibu
SAP Solutions Architect