Any business that uses SAP have many important decisions to make. Whether it be budget, performance, or efficient support coverage. SAP by itself is a very expensive solution to implement, and adding the cost of support does not make it easy to keep. Depending on the size of your business and industry you are in, you have a multitude of options for technical support.

We at Kochasoft find that in business, basis support can be a challenge at times. The need for basis support depends on the health of the landscape, change control, projects, and the forever changing technology requiring updates in your system. You may find your resources are overwhelmed at a point in time needing some temporary resources to fill a void, or you may find you are overstaffed and under utilized.

This issue will apply to any company or service provider no matter if you’re running on premise or in the cloud. Always make sure you evaluate your current technical need and continually re-evaluate to ensure you are properly staffed to take on your support needs as well as any future changes to your business landscape.

If you are concerned about your staffing, we at Kochasoft would like to help you with our many different tools, experience, and automation to help your company staff more efficiently for upcoming projects whether it is version or support package updates, implementing new systems, changing your landscape, or just keeping up with your current landscape. If it is SAP security that you need assistance with, we can provide help in that area as well.

Please contact us and we will be happy to look at your current state, your plans to move forward, and give you options that are specific to your business needs.


Geoff Goss
Geoff Goss is an SAP OnCloud Architect with Kochasoft, providing SAP Basis consulting and support.  He also instructs the SAP on Google Cloud Platform Sales and Technical courses.