Executive Summary.

COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on how to deliver either language, classroom or group physical activity classes. With the intention of continuing to offer communities longing to find alternative solutions to in-centre classes, the YMCAs of Québec have responded to the new context by developing a new virtual platform.

Rather than choosing an out-of-box solution from the market, the YMCAs of Quebec has partnered KochaSoft, renowned global cloud service provider, to deliver and develop the solutions their technological solution.


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Business Challenges .

Following the rise of the pandemic, the YMCAs of Québec were no longer able to teach their language classes, certification programs or deliver their group physical activities such as yoga, Zumba or Pilates in-person. For the YMCAs of Québec, developing a virtual platform became a necessity.


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Our Solution: Improving employee productivity with KochaSoft’s Learning Management System & Virtual Fitness Bootcamp Environment

The implementation of this LMS solution has optimized the user experience for language students and teachers, and helped to streamline and automate the enrolment process. It has also offered the capability to extend the platform to the fitness offer as well. Previously onerous processes such as class registration and in-person facilitation have become far more efficient and seamless thanks to the LMS solution.

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Solution Benefits: How a cloud-based LMS benefits the YMCAs of Québec, their students and participants

The YMCAs of Québec are now able to deliver language and fitness programs online, from A to Z, including register and pay online (through an integration with their most used third-party applications, such as G-Suite), as well as stream live classes and access (for fitness) passed classes.

The Partnership

“To reinvent our way of delivering our social impact – especially during a pandemic – turning to digital solutions was key. The YMCA is now better able to reach communities, wherever they are, to offer our programs.”
The YMCAs of

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