IT-focused learning platform that boosts employee productivity.

All corporate learning challenges, solved with one vendor.

Create and manage corporate trainings and measure the business impact of your IT training programs with KochaSoft LMS.

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The content and analytics powered LMS built for the enterprise

Our flagship, cloud-based earning management system delivers sharp design, even sharper functionality, and the flexibility to scale for any team or use case.


Content Management

Seamless Integrations

State of The Art Video Engagement

Courses can be managed via events, membership, as well as categorized in our content bank. Integrates with your tools such as Google Drive.

Whether you need CRM, SSO web conferencing, or payment gateways, we empower staff with a no-code, seamless way to bring your systems together in one learning environment.

Our state of the art media encoding module can encode video or audio content on-demand in a variety of formats including 4K and 1080P.

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Our history of successful client work speaks for itself.

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“To reinvent our way of delivering social impact, especially during a pandemic, turning to digital solutions was key.”

The YMCAs of Quebec

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