Is an investment in a virtual LMS worth the cost?


72% of organizations believe that eLearning puts them at a competitive advantage.

Adoption of modern L&D techniques has been in full force since the past decade and accelerated owing to our limited availability to gather in person. It is often regarded as one the best ways to get an increase in return on investment (ROI) out of your Learning and Development content.

eLearning helps employers cut down on various expenses, which are an essential part of training, including travel and accommodation, meal costs, and other maintenance costs. eLearning brings in the possibility to add training programs that were otherwise not possible.

Many C-suite financial officers and leaders out of the 317 surveyed by Gartner expect employees to continue working remotely even after the pandemic ends. Having an LMS ready to cater a global workforce is the need of the hour. A virtual LMS platform ensures that every employee has the opportunity to benefit from organized and accessible training and development. The flexibility and ease that comes with deploying an LMS is that a learning officer can arrange training that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Many companies have gone entirely remote, leaving some room in the budget to be invested in the company’s knowledge capital. Companies like Amazon and American Express have laid out plans to launch a viable long-term remote strategy, and investing in L&D products is a priority.

Productivity is Profitability

According to data from The Molly Fletcher Company, which has helped organizations like Google, Cox Communications, their leaders and employees to unleash their potential, e-learning helps firms achieve an 18 percent boost in employee engagement.

To succeed within any industry, employees need to work at peak productivity levels. However, the content available may not always pique the interest of an employee.  This not only helps employees up-skill but also creates a win-win scenario in which the employers are rewarded from an ROI perspective.

IBM noticed that when they spent $1 towards developing adequate learning management systems, they made back an impressive $30 in return.

The Virtual LMS: An essential part of a remote future

Deploying an LMS will help you and your employees stay up to date with the latest trends in the industry.

Today’s employees only have one percent of the workweek to dedicate to training, so every minute counts. An LMS needs to be a part of the learning process in any organization to make that one percent time worth it.. This means we need to try and develop training programs that entertain and inform. Not only is fun training more enjoyable for the learner; it’s more effective, translating into less money spent on training.

Adoption rates of 90 percent or more are seen as a standard for an LMS to be declared successful in delivering its purpose, which is hardly the case. As one out of every three employees say that uninspiring content is a barrier to their learning. However, when KochaSoft’s customized LMS comes into play, our team ensures that we build certain features into the system that help make your investment worth the cost.

Gamification: The Learning Methodology of the Future

Ninety-five percent of the employees enjoy using gaming-inspired elements in their work, contrary to the widely regarded notion that it creates an unhealthy workplace. Gamification in eLearning offers the opportunity for learners to engage with content. The higher the level of engagement, the more knowledge is likely to get retained.

The generic systems do not possess qualities that could make the user hooked to the platform. However, with KochaSoft’s inclusion of gamification principles deep within the product, your employees can track their and other’s progress in real-time. Tracking helps improve productivity as employees strive to complete training to earn their place on leaderboards.

For instance, Cisco introduced three levels of certification for the social media training program: Specialist, Strategist and Master, as well as four sub-certification levels for HR, external communications, sales and internal partner teams. It also mixed in team challenges to incorporate a healthy dose of competition and collaboration into earning social media certifications.

Since gamifying its social media training program, more than 650 Cisco employees have been certified, with over 13,000 courses taken. This move not only helped Cisco have all their employees trained as per industry standards, but its employees had the unique opportunity to upskill themselves on the job.


With KochaSoft’s LMS, you will have complete control over the system. Flexibility and personalization are integrated deep within our technology allowing the user to experience more freedom than other LMS’s in the market. In addition, an option to curate personalized learning paths from preferred trainers will allow you to have greater control over your content. All this and you will have access to 24/7 assistance from our experts.

Overall it is clear to see the impact that eLearning has within an organization. The possibilities and opportunities that a good LMS offers are undeniable. With KochaSoft’s LMS, it is evident that the technology behind the system is ever-evolving and deploying one is a priority in today’s world.

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