Manage Regression Testing with SAP Solution Manager

Regression testing has been performed when the software or its environment is changed to ensure that defects have not been introduced again or uncovered in unchanged areas of the software, as a result of changes made.

Regression testing will often involve running existing tests against the modified code to make sure that the new code did not break anything that worked before the update.

The Challenges of Regression Testing

While regression testing is a vital element of the QA process, there are several challenges it brings.

  • Time Consuming: Regression testing can take a lot of time to complete. Regression testing often involves running existing tests again so testers might not be overly enthused at having to re-run tests.
  • Complex: Another thing to consider here is that as products get updated, they can grow quite complex causing the lists of tests in your regression pack to grow to a huge amount.
  • Communicating Business Value: Regression testing ensures existing product features are still in working order. Communicating the value of regression testing to non-technical leaders within your business can be a difficult task. Executives want to see the product move forward and making a considerable time investment in regression testing to ensure existing functionality is working can be a hard sell.

Role and functionalities of SAP Solution Manager in Regression Testing

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Test Suite will be used for manual and automated tests of implemented or changed business processes for all functional test types including Regression Testing. To overcome the challenges in Regression Testing SAP Solution Manager 7.2 tool has provided some features and functionalities like Impact Analysis (BPCA), Test Plan Management, Test Automation tool CBTA and integration with another automation tool like UFT, Worksoft, Tosca, etc.

Impact Analysis from Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA)

Identify your test scope and significantly reduce your test effort for regression tests with BPCA of SAP Solution Manager 7.2. BPCA identifies impacted business processes and significantly reduces your test effort for regression tests.

Use Cases:

  • Impact analysis for Customizing and Custom Code changes, planned SP and EHP deployments
  • Impact analysis for SAP S/4HANA OP release upgrade
  • Test Scope Optimization and automated Test Plan generation

The BPCA optimization algorithms allow a significant reduction of test efforts and test scope for the selected software changes. The risk-based approach is performed by test effort and the number of impacted ABAP objects.

Key customer benefits include:

  • The project deployed on time and budget
  • A 30% reduction in testing time ~ approx 1 FTE saving of about A$100k per year
  • Only 12 defects encountered in production, all severity 4
  • Reduction in test scope from 2,400 to 76 test scripts
  • Significant less test preparation effort
  • Greater visibility into the impact of Legal Change and Support Packages

Test Plan Creation and Automation Tools

Now, administrators can generate a Test Plan for Regression Tests,  or perform a risk-based Test Scope Optimization and with this user have a separate test plan for the regression testing. As per the requirement, you can create test sequencing and test packages, user assignments, etc. Automated scripts can also be assigned to the regression test plan and executed the same to generate the log or report.

Test Automation with CBTA Tool and other automation tools from certified partner

SAP customer situation e.g. A typical SAP customer uses SAP, custom-developed, and non-SAP solutions to execute business processes or A particular business process can include hybrid scenarios with SAP and non-SAP process steps. In both cases, there is scope available for functional test automation such as:-

  • The Test Suite of SAP Solution Manager provides a Test Automation Framework allowing SAP customers to choose the test automation tool of their choice
  • SAP test automation tools can automate SAP business transactions – SAP standard and custom-developed, using SAP user interfaces including SAPGUI, CRM web-client, WebDynpro, SAPUI5, Fiori…
  • Partner test tools can be used to automate SAP and non-SAP business transactions, but require additional licenses
  • Test Suite of SAP Solution Manager enables the composition of automated tests using SAP and Partner tools.

SAP customers have a choice of test automation tools integrated with SAP Solution Manager through the Test Automation Framework to manage their regression testing with end-to-end business processes which includes SAP and Non-SAP applications.

Partnership extension with Tricentis

SAP has extended their offering in test automation for all SAP Enterprise Support Customers to test automation of all SAP UIs, including SAP cloud products, automation of APIs for SAP products and content for regression testing of new cloud releases. Customer investments in SAP Solution Manager are fully protected and there is nothing to lose. The customer can continue to use of CBTA tool for the SAP test automation.

Positioning of CBTA and Tricentis Test Automation (TTA)

Both products use a model/component-based approach and not scripting. With that, both are suitable for non-developers and reduce maintenance efforts for test automation when UIs change.


  • Fully supports Fiori/SAPUI5, SAP GUI, and others.
  • CBTA will be supported and maintained, as long as SAP Solution Manager is supported.
  • SAP plans to update CBTA for new releases of currently supported UI technologies, e.g. support of new SAPUI5 releases.
  • SAP does not plan to support more UI technologies

Tricentis Test Automation (TTA) 

  • Supports all SAP Applications
  • One automation engine for SAP on-premise and SAP cloud and together with SAP Enterprise Continuous Testing by Tricentis (ECT) for non-SAP
  • Is term licensed to customers, as long as the partnership is in place?
  • Customers receive a 3y advance notice in case of an unforeseen termination

Cloud-Centric Customers

SAP Cloud ALM is an application lifecycle management offering for cloud-centric customers. It provides extensive implementation and operations capabilities for cloud solutions. SAP Cloud ALM is included in customers’ cloud subscriptions with SAP Enterprise Support.

In terms of Testing SAP Cloud ALM can prepare and execute tests based on SAP content for manual testing and integration of automated testing tools.

  • Prepare Tests on process-based requirements
  • Identify implementation progress
  • Define test readiness
  • Includes manual & automatic test cases

With Cloud ALM offering customer with SAP Enterprise Support should get the below offering in terms of Test Management:

  • Manage your cloud solutions with SAP Cloud ALM.
  • Manage your Test Strategy with the Solution Manager and Tricentis
  • Manage Test Automation with Tricentis Test Automation for SAP
  • Automate beyond SAP and more with SAP Enterprise Continuous Testing by Tricentis
  • Perform load and volume testing with SAP Load Testing by Tricentis

Kochasoft Capabilities

Kochasoft has great capabilities and vast experience to manage the Test Suite functionality of SAP Solution Manager 7.2. In terms of Regression, Kochasoft has excellent work experience to Implement and Analyse Business Process Change Analyzer, Test Scope Optimization, Test Automation with CBTA configuration, scripting, and integration with other test automation tools to streamline the end-to-end test management. Test Automation for Cloud-Centric customers

Our expertise means that we can integrate SAP Solution Manager 7.2 tool with Tricentis Tosca from which we can help customers extend their testing to various SAP and Non-SAP applications.

Test, improve and execute with SAP Solution Manager

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