Using SLES 15.2 To Automate SAP HANA High Availability

As a strategic partner of SAP, in its latest revision “15.2”, now SLES provides a fully integrated process to accelerate the deployment of SAP HANA in a highly available environment. In this first article of a series of four, we will talk to you about how SLES HA Automation process and integration work with SAP HANA to facilitate the management of these systems, but also how to get the best of this marriage by leveraging enhanced native SLES tools specifically for SAP platform.

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Update: VMware Platform

vSphere 6.0 to 6.7 – vSphere 6.7 contains major improvements which provide such as 2x better performance, 3x reduction in memory usage as well as 3x faster operation relating to VDRS.

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Update: FreeNAS Platform

FreeNAS 9.0 to 11.3-U5 – Not just a virtual appliance, the latest version of FreeNAS offer the ability to add virtual machines, Docker, and cloud synchronization support, it includes a mobile-friendly Angular web interface, improved iocage plugin system, real-time APIv2, and synchronization with many more cloud storage providers.

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