SAP Migration & Virtualization.

Without an experienced migration partner your project risks not achieving its full potential, it could be delayed or even derailed. Understanding that in the long term, the costs of a non-optimal design and implementation can quite easily exceed the costs of a migration partner.

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Benefits of Working With Right Cloud Migration Partner.

As CIO you can take comfort on the fact that your Cloud Utopia with an optimally designed, secure and scalable

solution is at your fingertips. Here are the top reasons why your SAP team needs to outsource your migration and work with an agile, nimble vendor with a laser-sharp focus.

Work with a Certified SAP Migration Partner.

SAP categorizes OS/DB migrations as a risky transformation, and as a result, production systems must be migrated by a certified practitioner.

This is the true benefit of working with a certified SAP cloud migration partner like KochaSoft.

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Don’t leave your cloud migration and virtualization to chance.

The building, deploying, and testing system infrastructure for an entire SAP environment is an arduous task and can take several weeks to months. A migration partner develops and refines dedicated migration templates and in-house deployment tools to deploy complete environments within days, which will significantly reduce error-prone repetitive manual labor and drive down project costs.

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