The Complications Of Analyzing SAP Data.

For modern enterprises in 2021, it’s a challenge to find a cost-efficient, feasible out of box integration with non-SAP data for analytics. This makes it difficult to empower the C-Suite  with meaningful and timely insights to support their most critical functions.

Organizations can quickly solve these business challenges by embracing Azure Synapse Analytics, a limitless analytics service that brings together enterprise DWH and big data analytics. It enables companies to analyze data based on their standards through server-less, modern tools at scale.

Azure Synapse puts together all dimensions with a single experience to ingest, analyze, plan, control and support data for instant analysis and modelling requirements, culminating in valuable insights with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Breaking Down Data Silos With Azure Synapse

According to Microsoft, the purpose of Azure Synapse is to enable customers break down data silos. For large business corporations, finding an integration tool to replicate the data from S/4HANA to Azure Synapse so that businesses can run more smoothly will be mission critical for 2021 and beyond.

Our clients are searching for new ways to use their essential SAP data for adaptive and digital analysis and to fix the underlying difficulty in making SAP data accessible in distributed storage warehouses such as Azure Synapse Analytics.

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At KochaSoft, our Analytics team helps large organizations bring out the value of their SAP data to Azure while integrating with non SAP Systems.

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The Importance of a Cloud-Based, SQL Analytics System

When working with our clients, we ensure that they can utilize a cloud based, clustered SQL computing algorithm is at the core of Azure Synapse and it is what allows the system to serve the most complex business data storage throughput.

Azure Synapse is fully embedded with Power BI and Azure Artificial Intelligence to provide information for all business users, from data science scripting with analytics to end-users with Power Business Intelligent.

For our globally-based clients, they are facing challenges with integrating analytics from multiple SAP and non-SAP environments. Recently, we delivered a project for one of our valued clients to solve their critical business needs, which included:

  • Lack of support for SAP Extractors
  • Scalability and feasibility for larger table extraction
  • ADF BW Connector not working at a large volume

Our Methodology For SAP Analytics

Conventional DWH systems have been configured to analyze data with some form of constraint on the overall amount and have imposed delays when loading and analyzing such data streams.  

These previously standard models have become obsolete as demand has shifted. SAP clients want to interpret information in real time, drawing on data coming from both SAP and non-SAP systems to stay competitive 

 To help our SAP clients with their broader digital transformation, our Analytics practice team builds customized, Azure-based DWHs to extract both SAP and non-SAP dataPrior to working with KochaSoft, our customers used SAP BW-based DWH, as well as an SAP ETL process. The main business needs that our customers came to us to solve: 

  • less complex and cost-efficient EDW landscape 
  • Get meaningful insights from data faster 
  • More flexibility for their business requirements

Benefits Of Azure Synapse Analytics

For enterprises looking to improve their reporting and analytical processes, we recommend the implementation of an SAP-certified ETL tool, as well as an Azure Synapse/SQLDWH-based DWH, which has the following benefits: 

  • Dedicated, flexible and secure SAP DWH on Azure: This caters the need of SAP centric reporting in a secured way while virtually integrating with EDW. This serves both strategic EDW vison on Azure and unique SAP Reporting requirement. 
  • Limitless scale and cost efficiency: Azure Synapse runs as SaaS (Software as a service) and can be run on-demand only when needed and easily scaled up for powerful insights  
  • Cutting edge technology: Out of the box capability for AI/ML (Databricks), Data Lake & Big Data.

Building an Azure-based EDW for SAP data without SAP extractors is extremely challengingAgain, the ADF does not support SAP extractors and unsuitable for large table extraction. Furthermore, it does not scale well for a larger volume of SAP data extraction. 

KochaSoft offers a modern suite of EDW solutions that includes a pre-built ETL alongside a set of templates (dashboards and reports). The solution is robust; with the capability to expose over 2,000 attributes for reporting. 

Our Solution

Further benefits include enabling our customers to:

  • Operate More Cost Efficiently with significant cost saving compare to a pre-packaged EDW
  • Extract Data From Multiple Sources; the tool is an add-on to SSIS and ADF & enables to source data from SAP Tables, Standard Extractors, CDS Views, Info sets, BAPI, HANA Models, BW Query and BW Cubes/ADSO’s.
  • Helps with data volume and scalability with robust Delta management capability

The combination of these three solution factors enables teams in finance, sales, logistics, HR and more to access key business data that will help them run their business better in 2021 and beyond.

A High Level Of Efficiency For Your SAP Analytics on Azure

Our solution provides customers with a modern DWH that is ready for big data and machine learning.

For an agile, cost-efficient Azure-based EDW proof of concept and a strategic evaluation of your current Analytics landscape, KochaSoft is the right partner for you.

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