Three Common Mistakes to Avoid Managing Cloud Costs

Many companies decide to move their workloads to the cloud with the anticipation of streamlining their infrastructure operations with a side benefit of lowering their costs. However, the reality can be much different as they find costs quickly accelerate.

But this doesn’t have to be the case, as there are ways to manage these costs and fully utilize the benefits of the cloud. Here are the most common mistakes we see being made when our clients are embarking on their cloud migration journeys:

Mistake No.1: Designing Cloud Infrastructure Based On On-Prem Knowledge  

Companies or consulting firms with little to no cloud experience often fall into the trap of designing their cloud infrastructure based on their knowledge of on-premise environments. This often results in over designed, complicated architectures which don’t take full advantage of cloud technologies.

Untangling the mess of resources results in implementation delays and costly resource creep. Avoid this issue by working a partner with specific, laser-focused knowledge of the cloud.

Mistake No.2Incorrectly Methodology For Sizing Virtual Machines  

The next area to address would be the methodology for choosing virtual machine sizes. It would seem logical to base sizing on traditional requirements which typically address a hardware life cycle of three years. This is often a costly mistake as virtual machines can become grossly over-sized. Size machines to the current workload and plan to evaluate periodically prior to resizing. 

Mistake No.3Mismanagement of Resources 

A final, but incredibly key areaoften overlooked is unused resources. Because it can be very simple to create cloud resources, they can be created haphazardly, and remnants persist which incur hourly costs. For this reason, it is very important to build systems methodically and check often for orphaned resources which were not properly deleted. 

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The KochaSoft Advantage: Always On-Time, Always On-Budget 

The three mistakes above all have one thing in common: there’s a lack of specific expertise being deployed on the cloud project. These mistakes, when compounded, can result in unwanted high cloud costs.

At KochaSoft, our team of SAP professionals have had decades of experience working closely with cloud providers to help companies manage cloud costs effectively. We can augment your team’s on-premise experience to design cloud solutions that ensure your cloud implementation is not only agile, but within budget.

Effectively Manage Your Cloud Costs While Achieving Your Business Goals.

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