The Automation of Tasks and Optimization of SAP Computing Resources 

SAP background processing allows the automation of regular tasks and optimization of SAP computing resources. While working on SAP there are certain tasks that are generally processed automatically at a specific time without affecting the normal processes of the system. These SAP Background Jobs are used in large scale whether you are in the Implementation Phase or Operational Phase. 

Thousands of jobs continuously run in the background of your SAP Application Landscape and to keep a track on one of each of them becomes a challenge. Although, we have standard transaction codes available in SAP to manage/monitor them in much better way. 

The major challenges of the business are:  

  • Why a particular job has been scheduled (and how to handle the job in case it fails) 
  • Why background jobs fail without any real warning and who they need to contact in case a job fails
  • System performance issues by running any job, and general issues that SAP clients are facing on their SAP landscape.

Standardizing Your Background Processing for SAP Processes

At KochaSoft, ouBasis, and SAP Solution Manager Experts always recommend their customers to adhere to the standard process while working with their SAP background jobs. Utilize the SAP Solution Manager’s capabilities for managing, scheduling, and monitoring the background jobs. In the SAP Solution Manager 7.2:

  • Job Management helps customers to streamline their SAP background jobs functions.
  • SAP Fiori (based UI) facilitates user to directly access various Job Management functionalities.

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Fixing Visibility and Transparency For Unnecessary Jobs

For customer goals, their common goals related to Job Scheduling management are Visibility (Job Documentation), Efficiency (SAP Central Process Scheduling), Effectiveness (Business Process Monitoring), Governance (Job Request), and Clean-Up (Job Scheduling Management Health Check).

These benefits include:

Job Request

The Job Request functionality works on Job Scheduling. It is integrated with IT Service Management (ITSM) and Change Request Management (CHARM) functionalities of SAP Solution Manager. With this integration whenever user wants to request a job, scheduled approval process needs to take place.

Essentially when requesting a job, user needs to provide business related details. These details include business context, schedule system, date & time, information on how to address issues with the cancelled jobs or analysis tips, employee information that should be contacted regarding the job. Once your job request is approved, it is automatically transferred to Job Documentation.

Job Documentation

Job Documentation keeps the track on the customers background jobs and the available tabs provides a complete view of background jobs, such as:

  • Job Type
  • Recommended Naming Convention
  • Contact Person
  • Error Handling
  • Required Authorization Objects etc.

Approval process is optional for Job Documentation, consequently user can directly schedule a job. The Job documentation is also integrated with the other Solution Manager functionalities such as Solution Documentation and Job Monitoring.

Job Scheduling

Job Scheduling Assistant application is extremely helpful for IT Team to manage complex job scheduling when handling dependencies. For instance, during system upgrade hundreds of jobs are running in the background. In such scenario if new steps are required to be added or their schedule needs to be changed then Job Scheduling functionality is quite useful.

It has the central job-scheduling functionality that can immensely decrease man-hours that are required to manage the hundreds of thousands of jobs. Three main types of jobs that can be scheduled from Solution Manager:

  • ABAP – ABAP background jobs.
  • BI Process Chains – jobs that exists in the BW system.
  • Other – any other job that are not included in the above two categories.

Job Monitoring

Powerful monitoring capabilities covering the large number of varieties in threshold types.

  • Status – Active, Released, Cancelled, Failed.
  • Duration – sending an alert if the job has run too long.
  • Time window – monitor the time of job whether it has run in a specified window time.

Job Monitoring feature also has the ability to monitor specific messages within a job log. For instance, when you successfully finish the job with any specific error message in the job log. In such scenario a specific threshold not only monitories the message but an email notification is also sent to the respective team member.

Job Monitoring Dashboard

In SAP Solution Manager 7.2, Job Monitoring Dashboard are completely redesigned and are based on SAPUI5. In the Job Monitoring three different views of dashboard available are Overview, Jobs, and Analytics.

  • Overview Monitor – high level of the system that are selected to be in the scope.
  • Job Monitor – Allows to analyse the job in detailed view with variety of filter options.
  • Analytics – shows Alert and Performance overview of the Jobs.

In the Alert overview, the number of jobs failure per day for the selected time interval can be viewed and in the Performance overview, the performance of the job over the selected time interval can be viewed.

Job Analysis

On a big scale analysis of background jobs, it is essential for IT Team to check and verify how many jobs are impacting on overall performance of the system. In SAP Solution Manager 7.2, Job Management functionality has provided a new way of understanding of job analysis. Three types of primary tools are available for this purpose i.e., Job Schedule Gantt Chart, Health Check and Job Resource Analysis.

  • Job Schedule Gantt chart – This provides the analysis about how many jobs were executed on a particular day, time-taken by each job, and work process utilized. Additionally, provides detail for IT team to pick up the best time for scheduling new background jobs without impacting the performance of the system.
  • Health Check – This provides the analysis of how many jobs failed (rather than finished), long running jobs, distribution of jobs between servers and users.
  • Job Resource Analysis – This tool analyses the workload on the system that provides KPI’s such as CPU utilization and memory usage. Avoid scheduling the jobs at peak hours when there is a load on the system either from users or background jobs.

Utilize the Full Capabilities of SAP Solution Manager

Generally, most of the SAP customers are focused on Job Monitoring instead of Job Scheduling and are not fully utilizing the capabilities of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 tool. Customers immensely dependent on the background jobs and are facing several issues to manage it.  

KochaSoft proposes to implement ‘SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – Job Management’ functionality. In case you are already using the Solman, configure your Job Management from our Solman experts and get the full support to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the background jobs within your SAP Application Landscape. At KochaSoft, we understand the value of customer system performance.  

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