Improving Operational Excellence with KochaSoft’s SUSE Manager Automations For SAP on Azure

SAP organizations are often burdened by manual inefficiencies. Whether they are on-prem, in the cloud or a hybrid of both, business and IT leaders cannot afford to continue to have their valuable resources repeat routine, manual tasks month over month.

Running your mission-critical workloads on SUSE servers gets you high-performance computing for specialist workloads and high availability for SAP. Add the expertise of migration consultants like
KochaSoft, and ultimately, SAP organizations can…

  • Reduce Costs
  • Save time
  • Boost Efficiency

SUSE Linux on Azure

For over a decade, SUSE and Microsoft have been working together to develop unique, Azure-optimized solutions for enterprise customers

Having the right team to navigate these challenges, for customers, is all important. The combination of SUSE Global Services, alongside their Gold Partner, KochaSoft, offer tremendous value due to their combination of knowledge, infrastructure and automation tools. 

Reasons To Run Your SAP on Azure Workloads In SUSE Linux 

  • Helps to reduce processing time for data collection 
  • Improved accuracy with verification 
  • Immediate access to data directly within SAP when you need it 
  • Reduction in human error 
  • Integrate with critical organizational workflows 

How the KochaSoft and SUSE Partnership Solves Customer Challenges 

KochaSoft’s strong with alliance with SUSE as a Gold Partner: As a SUSE Gold Partner, KochaSoft focuses, alongside SUSE, to solve the critical business challenges through flexible SAP solutions. SUSE has a multitude of products to help automate the SAP landscape; KochaSoft helps them navigate these use cases (ex. in order to work maintain and operate their OS landscapes, according to SAP best practices, through live patching and backups.   

The right OS apps and the right consulting partner equals business efficiency: Customers depend on SUSE for their Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications, while KochaSoft are a premier SAP consulting organization focused on helping their customers migrate to S/4HANA in an agile, cost-efficient manner

The Importance Of the Right Partnership

The combination of KochaSoft, Azure and SUSE and our collective teams working closely together solves customer issues in a big way. We closely collaborate with cloud support entities (SAP) and the cloud provider (Azure) and go above and beyond to solve OS issues. 

For example, when OS issues arise, we open tickets with SAP, and the cloud provider and really identify the root cause. Nowhere else will customers be able to find a customized roadmap fotheir workloads and help ensure cost-effectiveness.  

Furthermore, we’re innovative and on top of the world’s biggest IT trends. Automation is a hot topic in the IT world, but how do we automate and scale the response to those root causes of customer issues and reduce manual work?

Answer: We use SUSE manager to create systems patching, as well as make backups if the patching did fail. 

  • Solution Value 1: Reducing valuable time spent on manual processes. At KochaSoft, we have built a process to automate regular maintenance activities. This process uses SUSE Manager Scheduling and inhouse built shell scripts to automate these tasks. SUSE Manager is a tool that manages Linux systems across a varied range of hardware architectures, including reboots of the Linux servers.  
  • Solution Value 2: Reducing downtime for SAP systems. We reduce the possibility of SAP system downtime, which interrupts regular key business processes. Typically, larger systems require multiple consultants and IT leaders to be available at odd hours so that maintenance can happen. We extended the Action Chain functionality of SUSE Manager to schedule pre and post tasks required for SAP applications and the actual maintenance itself. Our in-house developed shell scripts with built-in validation can automate pre or post tasks, as well as regular maintenance activities such as kernel patching.  

Helping Carhartt Eliminate Business Disruption and Improve Agility Caused by On-Prem Outages 

By working closely with KochaSoft, Carhartt was able to deploy its retail environments on Azure in just four months. These included its sandbox, development, production, and disaster recovery environments plus three QA landscapes…and simplify these landscapes. In the future, Carhartt plans to scale its SAP environment capacity from an initial 500 gigabytes to 6 terabytes for seamless scalability as it expands its cloud presence.

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