Most SAP Consultants agree that SAP Operating System level products maintenance can be extremely time-consuming. From upgrading the SAP Kernel, performing SAP HANA Database patching and Linux OS patching, this all requires a great deal of manual effort (and time!).

Not only are you manually performing these tasks, but you must stop SAP systems, perform necessary upgrades, restart the system, and then validate the system. It is especially challenging when working with large scale setups that require minimal downtime. Moreover, larger systems and landscapes require multiple consultants to be available at odd hours so that maintenance can be performed without interruption.

So, how can you automate SAP Operating System level products maintenance?

At KochaSoft, we have built a process to automate regular Linux OS level maintenance activities. This process uses SUSE Manager Scheduling and in-house built shell scripts to automate these tasks.

SUSE Manager is a tool that manages Linux systems across a varied range of hardware architectures. We use SUSE Manager primarily for the central deployment of OS patches in a controlled manner across a large number of Linux servers. Another advantage of using this tool is that after patching, SUSE Manager remotely performs the necessary reboot of the Linux servers.

We extended the Action Chain functionality of SUSE Manager to schedule pre and post tasks required for SAP applications and the actual maintenance itself. Our innovative in-house team developed shell scripts with built-in validation which automate pre or post tasks, as well as regular maintenance activities such as SAP Kernel and SAP HANA patching.

With the help of SUSE Action Chain and our in-house scripts, the entire process can be scheduled for automatic maintenance. Now, what once was a stressful and manual process to upgrade or maintain SAP Operating System level products can now be completed in a much shorter amount of time.

With reduced effort and manual work, the advantages are clear; we can now free up resources to work on other efforts and apply a standard repeatable process to OS Level patching. Thanks to automation, the display and analysis of all related OS level patching logs are stored in a single location.

Be watching for future posts regarding this activity since we are continuing to innovatively adapt the process to include additional actions and platforms.  We have established a Roadmap approach for this tool implementation and continue to be innovative about automating SAP related products patching as well as standard Linux OS patching.

We hope you find this article useful and if you would like to learn more about our Automated Linux OS level maintenance, feel free to get in touch with one of our SAP experts today!