It’s imperative that all businesses will need to adapt to operate in the new digital economy to be able to provide services with agility and speed to customers, suppliers, workforce, stakeholders and other people and entities. Users also want to get information in real time on whatever device they have and wherever they are. Companies are also constantly battling the rapidly increasing amounts data they need to process and preserve.

Current IT infrastructures, processes and legacy technologies have made growth in the digital economy difficult. Actually, they are even acting as inhibitors. Companies that don’t adapt and evolve are going to be left behind.

Business and technology are so entwined that companies can no longer view their SAP strategy separately from their digital strategy.

It is a unified business driven strategy that must happen now to open the doors into the digital world.

It is time for digital transformation with S/4HANA at the core!

SAP has completely redesigned S/4HANA to be a collaborative platform rather than just an ERP application. S/4HANA enables the enterprise to connect to the digital world using HANA Cloud Integration platform, provides users with decision support using embedded analytics, vastly improves user experience with FIORI, reduces complexity by simplifying business processes and provides unified functionality eliminating multiple databases. SAP BusinessObjects Cloud delivers business intelligence and predictive analytics in one solution.

S/4HANA is a truly connected platform. It enables you to connect the ERP data seamlessly with cloud SAP applications such as Ariba for supplier network, SuccessFactors for Human Capital Management functions, Hybris for eCommerce, Concur for travel management and Field glass for flexible workforce management. And S/4HANA is IOT ready!

S/4HANA delivers value on multiple fronts –speed, savings, digital and simplicity to name a few. All future developments of SAP will be based on S/4HANA and the in-memory computing technology of HANA platform. For current SAP customers, S/4HANA is the gateway to become digital and transform their enterprises to stay competitive.

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