SAP Fiori is the revolutionary offering from SAP that implements modern UX design principles to deliver a role-based, consumer-grade user experience across all lines of business, tasks, and devices. It is, in fact, the default GUI for SAP S/4HANA.

Customers are implementing SAP Fiori ready to use apps to dramatically improve user productivity:
  • Role based, presenting only the tasks required by the role
  • Personalized, with information and screen layout to suit individual preference
  • Clutter free, relevant, and simple
  • OS agnostic, enabling BYOD strategy on all devices
  • Coherent, providing the same experience across industries and lines of business.
  • User friendly, with an intuitive consumer-grade experience
  • Browser based, and easy to deploy and maintain
  • Consistent, with the same look and feel across devices.
  • Responsive, providing auto display adjustment for smartphone, tablet, or desktop

SAP now has comprehensive Fiori apps for all transactions. The Fiori platform allows custom development / modification of the apps to suit specific user or business needs.

KochaSoft has successfully installed, customized, and deployed SAP Fiori apps at some of our customers, and actively engaged with other customers who want to quickly deploy Fiori at their organizations. KochaSoft manages the entire project within a short time frame, and delivers results quickly. Once the platform components are installed, it is much easier to deploy additional or newer apps.

Contact KochaSoft for details of how SAP Fiori can help your organization:

  •  Improve the efficiency of end users
  •  Improve the end user experience
  •  Minimize the costs and burden of GUI maintenance

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