KochaSoft Course Philosophy

KochaSoft is proud to present the next-generation highly-collaborative and immersive experience for SAP on Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).  Through our learnings over the last 18 months, we know that participants are becoming more knowledgeable about the Cloud, but are lacking in the practical knowledge and understanding of the differences between physical and virtual environments as they pertain to SAP.  Prior to the class, we can offer a self-serve online training of fundamentals. After the training, we can extend lab access for students to continue to refine their skills. There needs to be a balance of instructor-led demonstrations and hands-on lab exercise that will reinforce technical concepts.  Finally, approaching this from a consultant’s viewpoint will not only give the participants a thorough technical understanding, but by using real-world scenarios, participants will be able to take this new knowledge and apply it to various business scenarios around planning, designing, migrating, and supporting SAP landscapes on the Cloud.

Delivery Mode

  • Two instructors will be available for the entire session to ensure the session is kept to the highest standard. Instructors will have a mix of real-world expertise to add a broader scope for discussions including customer experience and technical background.
  • The sessions will be delivered in the context of a case study to keep the session more engaging rather than only engage in conceptual discussion. The case study will reflect real-world scenarios to ensure participants will relate to the concepts
  • Each session will have a lab or demo for visual representations.
  • Q&A will be part of the delivery at the end of the sessions.
  • Instructors will be available for an additional 60 minutes every day after conclusion of each session.


  • Why you should run SAP on Cloud
    • Benefits (cost savings, agility)
  • How to architect the SAP infrastructure on Cloud
    • Best practices from a design standpoint
    • Reference architecture
  • How do you support SAP on Cloud
    • Basics and Fundamentals – (VM, VNETS)
    • Daily administration, scripting
    • Business continuity/Disaster Recovery
    • Backups
  • What it takes to migrate an SAP landscape to Cloud
    • Planning and sizing
    • Lift and shift, migration, transformation

Course Outcome

  • Ability to articulate the cloud value proposition for SAP landscape
  • Understanding of SAP reference architecture on Cloud
  • Access to best practices and implementation methodology documents
  • Hands on Experience of SAP on Cloud migration
  • Ability to apply cloud concepts to real-world scenarios

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