Cloud Training and Certification For Enterprise Teams

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We’ve trained over a thousand of the world’s IT professionals worldwide to bolster their cloud proficiency.

Is your IT team fully reaping the benefits of the cloud?

No one can deny the importance of cloud computing proficiency for your business. But is your team fully reaping the benefits of all the cloud has to offer?

The solution: proper cloud training for your teams.

We were tasked with helping build Microsoft’s AZ-120 certification. We did this while training SAP basis, SAP architecture and IT infrastructure teams to increase their cloud proficiency.

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Course Philosophy.

Real-World Experience

Hands On Labs

Customized Course Scope

  • Instructors are seasoned SAP professionals

  • Detailed focus on application of fundamentals

  • Providing post-course support to ensure cloud success

  • Sessions contain multiple instructors

  • Engaging format delivered for hands on labs

  • All attendees get demos of real cloud environments and Q&As

  • Customizable SAP reference architectures

  • Course scope adaptable to latest cloud innovations

  • Designed to help your team maximize their cloud investment

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Our Valued Course Partners

Course Offering 1: SAP on Azure

We’re an approved training partner with Microsoft because our hands-on-labs are the most advanced, realistic scenarios for your team to simulate SAP on Azure. Our Microsoft approved LMS solution is designed to guide learners through specialized certification.


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Course Offering 2: SAP on Google Cloud Platform

Our team of trainers live and breathe both SAP and GCP. Through our experiences with our own customers and projects, our experience will equip your team with world-class GCP training. We’ll teach you best practices from both SAP and GCP, as well as the latest in Google Cloud solutions.

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Explore our immersive, hands-on workshops for your IT teams and get the most out of your cloud.

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