Global enterprises need managed SAP services 24/7

Our global, “follow-the-sun” support model ensures that you receive the same support services at all hours of the day, regardless of the time zone. Here is how we provide value for our customers:

Business leaders

Enable agility in your day-to-day with faster and more resilient SAP systems. 

CIOs and CTOs

Helps your team focus on supporting and building within the business instead of maintaining your SAP systems. 


Shift from CAPEX to OPEX model and get IT and Finance on the same page.

Our Customers

Our Services

We offer full lifecycle management for SAP enterprises who need to reduce costs, while working with a single vendor solution for managed services.

SAP on Cloud Advisory Services

Stop wondering which cloud provider is better for your needs.

SAP on Cloud Migration

We will migrate your SAP environment to the cloud; whether fully in the cloud or in a hybrid model.

SAP Lifecycle Management

We handle non-SAP workloads on top of your SAP workloads to give you a full picture of your IT landscape.

SAP on Prem Migration, Automation & IT Hosting

Our customers have saved over 50% in TCO in automating and removing many BASIS steps.

Our Methodology

Our Application Managed Services Philosophy

Proactive Rather Than Reactive

  • Levarage SAP analytics and automation tools.
  • Comprehensive tools and processes to keep systems maintained.
  • Scheduled maintenance program for each component.


  • Through our customer engagement center.
  • Full visibility into ongoing activities/tickets and your systems health (performance, cost, etc).
  • You see what we see in real time.

SLA’s and People

  • Customer defined SLA’s.
  • Long-term relationships with all your teams involved at all levels stability of our key personnel.

Adapt To Customer Framework

  • Security, Technology, Processes
  • Augmented IT Team

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