Dealing with a lack of visibility into the performance of your on-prem SAP systems?

Civatree, a KochaSoft partner, is VMware’s partner of choice for the virtualization of SAP, and our certified consultants can address Operating System/Database Migration to any operating system or database combination.

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SAP on VMware and Optimization Services

Deliver value-added SAP on VMware services to Fortune 100-500 companies.

We have helped numerous large Enterprise customers to save over 50% of Operating SAP while utilizing Best Practices for streamlined and risk-averse operations.

Laser-focused on virtualization of SAP on VMware.

This includes associated education, planning, and design of the virtual platform and hybrid infrastructure, database, and SAP migration efforts. 

Manage the end-to-end OS/DB or platform migration

Working with the world’s leading providers of SAP software migration, KochaSoft delivers the results you need with a proven transformational process tailored to your specific business requirements. All the while performing health checks and executing SAP performance tuning for optimum outcomes.

Our Methodology To Solve The Pain Points

Civatree Technologies, the leading SAP on VMware services organization, offers solutions to meet customers’ needs – wherever they are in their SAP journey. Our team’s expert knowledge allows Civatree to deliver Innovative solutions that reduce costs and enable our customers to capitalize on solving today’s efficiency challenges.

All "Art of the Possible" Sessions are:

  • Free to new or existing customers (by invitation only).
  • Include a Q&A to get a baseline of where you are today and where you want to be, followed by our experts outlining what you can do based on SAP & industry best practices.
  • 1 hour per topic, virtual via Zoom, open to any team members you wish to invite and may be recorded at your request. Advisory in nature, not a sales call.
  • Choose one or more topics for your session based on your current or future needs.

1-Hour Virtual Whiteboard Topics

SAP Refresh Automation

  • What manual work do you do today in support of copy/clone refresh?
  • High level review of what needs to be done to get those system copy tasks automated.
  • Typical OpEx Reductions.

Zero Downtime Patching & Maintenance

  • How can you increase the capabilities of your environment?
  • Leveraging redundant systems to facilitate n+1 patching.
  • What our other customers are doing.

Disaster Recovery for SAP

  • Are you prepared?
  • SAP HANA System Replication.
  • Expanding your virtual desktop capability for business continuity.
  • SAP on VMware disaster recovery best practices.

Private Cloud

  • How do you manage your environment today?
  • Landscape review.
  •  Software defined best practices, trends and advantages to running SAP in a private cloud deployment.

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